Free Webinar: Dark Days need a Smile

The Value of Project Fun with Peter Taylor

Dark days need a smile – so if you have a project community that you think will enjoy some laughs and smiles, and learn the value of fun in project delivery then contact me today to book your free webinar


What is the offer:

  • A 30-minute webinar plus 15-minute Q&A (plus 15 minutes pre-call set up) so 60 minutes in total
  • Subject is ‘The Project Manager Who Smiled’ – The value of fun in a project (only topic offered)

When is the offer:

  • Offer is only valid for the next 9 days – webinar must be scheduled and delivered before end of 31st March – so you’ve gotta move fast
  • Webinar can be anytime over next 9 days (including weekends) between 8am and 8pm UK time

Who can apply:

  • Teams only (PMO teams, PM communities, Chapters, any such group of PMs with a common interest)
  • There will be no be open to the public webinars (sorry)

How will it work:

  • Webinar must be arranged, promoted and hosted by organisation
  • I also offer a free eBook for all attendees – ‘The Project Manager who Smiled’
  • Offer is limited to my capacity – first come (booked/organised) first served basis
  • You can record and share

How to secure your webinar:


Peter Taylor (The Lazy Project Manager)


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