Help! I am stuck in the toaster of life!


Over my daily cup of coffee, a fine cortado from Costa today, I read my horoscope in the copy of the Daily Express available in the coffee shop

Now I am not exactly sure why I do this as I absolutely don’t believe in it, but perhaps it is because the words each day range from the mildly entertaining to the bizarre with the occasional dollop of ‘well that fits’ – I’m sure I am not alone in this, be honest

Today was one of the ‘bizarre’ ones but it has led me to consider what was written and the result is this blog piece

Because today, my Virgo sign declared ‘Your slice of bread is stuck in the toaster of life. You can’t get it out. Even if you enlist the help of people around you, they can try as hard as they like, but they’re not going to have any more success than you. Legend tells of a heroic figure who will, one day, have the power to remove it; at which point, marmalade will once again be in abundance. You’re on a test that has echoes of an old myth about it. You’re going to need courage, but, most importantly, you need to keep your sense of humour!’

Credit: Oscar Cainer

And you know what, I am absolutely stuck in the toaster of life, wondering what to do next – whether to carry on doing what I have done for many years (PMO leadership at a global level), focus on my private world of project management leadership, speaking, writing, training, coaching etc, or head off to find something brand new

So, dear followers and those interested in such matters, what is your advice, what opportunities do you know about, what should I, the Lazy Project Manager, do next?

I may just need some heroic intervention because I do crave the taste of marmalade once again (preferably the lime with no bits in it version from Rose’s – but I’m open to experimentation)

As to keeping my sense of humour well that seems to be intact I think


One Response to “Help! I am stuck in the toaster of life!”

  1. Avery, Peter J. Says:

    Follow your success not your passion… what is your metric of success?

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