Avoid Communication Breakdown

Data Visualization Software for Effective Project Plan Communication

I was taught a truth in my early project management days – reporting is not communicating! The fact that the critical facts and important truths are buried somewhere in a report that the right people may be in possession of does not, in any way, mean that they have received the message.

I have also learnt that to waste time and effort in ‘defensive’ and ‘offensive’ communication, typically email these days, is truly pointless and will distract the project manager from the real issues. I know building an email trail that, to put it bluntly, ‘covers your ass’ is easy to do but far better results can come from directing those same efforts in really effective communication.

Effective communication is about isolating the critical information, identifying the person (or people) that you need to communicate with, and delivering that same information at the appropriate time.

All this plus delivering the information in the most effective way!

My friends from Office Timeline have some useful thoughts along these lines:

When it comes to communicating project plans effectively, the saying “an image is worth a thousand words” proves to be more valid than ever. Making presentations highly visual for client and executive meetings helps project managers get to the bottom line.

With Office Timeline, professionals can easily convert complex project data into straightforward, clear graphics that are easy to understand and follow by teams, stakeholders and customers.

Data-Rich Project Plans Turned into Simple, To-the-Point Visuals

Managers who lead multi-year projects and need to prepare joint plan reviews for customers, partners, stakeholders and their company executives know the huge role effective communication plays in demonstrating the progress of their work. To receive the complete buy-in or endorsement of each of these parties, project planners have to share their data in a direct and relevant way so that the essential information sticks with the audience. However, synthesizing the gist of a project for a presentation can be a real challenge when dealing with manifold processes and details at once.

Designed around the need for clarity and precision in getting the message across, Office Timeline comes as an ideal solution for project management professionals who seek to effectively format material and emphasize data-driven information.

An easy-to-use project visualization software that integrates with familiar business presentation tools like PowerPoint, Office Timeline produces summary views of project plans and schedules, simplifying the tedious underlying tasks of creating reports, product roadmaps and other similar reviews.

Using an intuitive interface and offering a variety of pre-formatted templates, the PowerPoint add-in automatically processes the input and instantly turns it into crisp, clear graphics that can be easily customized, updated and shared. The diverse range of design options lets users eliminate clutter by keeping only the most important milestones and tasks, or add emphasis to certain items by changing colors, using special shapes or extra-large icons.

Discover Templates You can Use for Your Project Plans

Building and Editing Neat Project Plans Fast

Designed to help professionals manage and present their projects in an easier and more impressive way, the PowerPoint timeline maker is available in two versions, a free and a Plus one.

The free edition is great for building simple visuals fast, requiring only a quick download to allow users to start making timelines.

See How to Use the Free Edition

With the Plus edition, users gain access to extra features such as detailed customization of their graphics, data import from programs such as Excel, MS Project, Smartsheet and Wrike, and advanced layout options for organizing tasks into categories or subdividing events into phases.

Get Free Trial of Office Timeline Plus

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