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Is this you?

October 16, 2013

One of the surveys for my book – Strategies for Project Sponsorship – showed a startling statistic:

85% of companies surveyed said they had project sponsorship in place

83% of companies stated that they did nothing to train, support, guide, or help their sponsors in any way at all

And yet 100% of companies stated that having a good sponsor in place was critical to project success!

Do you recognise this imbalance in your company?

If so, and you want some quick and effective new ways to deal with your sponsor, you’ll want attend a complimentary webinar called ‘Sponsor Influence Strategies- Masterclass’.

Unlike some other programs that tell you to go-change-your-sponsor, this one focuses on things that are 100% under your control…the four mindset and behavior shifts you have to make in order to influence your sponsor and get what you want. It also covers common mistakes and the Top 5 sponsor problems (including exactly what to do about them).

You’ll get several downloads including a very useful framework that will help you transform your role with your sponsor from ‘hands-on’ to ‘strategic advisor’, program action guide, and others. In addition, you are going to receive exclusive access to a free 3-part video series (1.5 hours) that dives into the other six project ‘people elements’ you must manage in order to be successful.  You can watch the videos yourself at your leisure and are also welcome to share them with others on your team.

Kimberlee has advanced experience in change management, having led the global change management program for one of the largest, most respected pharmaceutical companies in the world (she’s also a former PMO leader and BlackBelt) and is now sharing her knowledge about dealing with difficult sponsors directly through THIS FREE WEBINAR

PS – The webinar is only available for a short time, so make a bit of room in your schedule in the next few days and sign up today.

As a reminder, it is no cost to you and you can register HERE NOW

Peter Taylor Services – Project Management

October 9, 2013

Check out my new flyers for all of the services I offer:

Peter Taylor At your service

Stand Up PM Comedy

Successful PMOs

Project Sponsorship

The Lazy Project Manager

The Project from Hell

As you can see I offer workshops such as The Lazy Project Manager, The Project from Hell, Leading Successful PMOs, and Strategies for Project Sponsorship – or custom workshops can also be commissioned.

I deliver presentations and keynotes based on all my books, as well as the popular ‘Presentation on Presentation’ – where you can learn better presentational skills through a real presentation – as well as the unique ‘PM Comedy Stand-up’ experience.

I consult in PMO development and leadership, executive Sponsorship, Methodology development and PM skills, as well as project Retrospectives.

For an alternative approach to your project needs just call me or drop me an email I will get right back to you.

And my books are available here: