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6 Reasons Why the New Book ‘Strategies for Project Sponsorship’ Will Be an Instant PM Classic

March 31, 2013

A Review of ‘Strategies for Project Sponsorship’, by Vicki James, Ron Rosenhead, and Peter Taylor (Management Concepts Press, 2013) by Michael Greer

Strategies for Project Sponsorship’ is a unique blend of practical, step-by-step tools; hard-won wisdom from the PM trenches; and solid, research-based recommendations. As a PM author reading this book, I found myself in awe of how nimbly the authors weaved together seemingly disparate elements: here citing research findings, there providing war stories or case study examples, and finally pivoting to morph these into powerful, ready-to-use tools.

As someone who’s both managed projects and trained project managers for more than three decades, I know this for certain: This book should be in every project manager’s tool kit and in every project sponsor’s briefcase.

Check out Michaels’ six reasons he believes this book will become an instant PM classic Michael Greer

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