PMI loves me, it loves me not…

I feel a little like one of those love sick teenagers agonising over a ‘loved’ one – they love me, they love me not, they love me, they love me not…


Back at the start of March I wrote a blog, that has since become the most popular blog I have ever written, that asked the question ‘PMI, do you still love me?’ because of some recent experiences of being completely ignored by an organisation that I have been an active and contributing member of for nearly ten years.

The number of comments and contacts I received as a result was amazing and many, in fact most, echoed my personal experiences.

Now I was also contacted by several PMI representatives who assured me that I was still loved and that my concerns would be looked in to. In response I noted that whilst I was happy for PMI to check through all the processes related to my three complaints there was, in fact, a higher and simpler outcome I wanted to see from this debate and it was this – that no matter how large you get as an organisation then passive communication is unacceptable. The ‘if you haven’t heard from us by … then you haven’t been successful/we aren’t interested’ approach is completely unacceptable. I totally get the automated response workflow approach – that is fine – I was not even asking to communicate with a real person – but I was asking for closed loop communication with a defined response whether that is a yes or a no. PMI (and others) get that right 100% of the time and you are nearly there – add in personal and responsive (in terms of time and quality) for the exceptional circumstances and then all of your members will feel the love.

And so what was the outcome from all this – well astonishingly and sadly PMI just proved my point by managing to completely ignore me and not respond, despite absolute assurances that they would.

Example 1:

The very excellent Ricardo Triana stepped in to get some response and action for me, and I heard immediately from an executive assistant at PMI with the message ‘Greetings Peter. Your inquiries have been forwarded to PMI GOC for response as part of the Board communication process. Your inquiries will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for response within three business days.’

That was on 9th March and so far – silence, nothing, the ‘3 business days’ have long since disappeared and PMI demonstrates that I am clearly right when it comes to communication.

Example 2:

After PMI played a role in a recent PM Summit I organised I requested to make contact with a representative of the corporate council as I was interested in my new company becoming a member if possible.

I received a contact name and email straight away, which was good, and I then immediately reached out to that contact. That was over 3 weeks ago. It looks like I am right once again when it comes to communication and PMI.

Sadly it seems I am down to the last petal of the flower and PMI have clearly demonstrated that when it comes to communication with their members that they just don’t care – they love me not.

To be honest I am really shocked that when responding to my initial argument that PMI had forgotten about their members and were failing badly when it came to good communication that they would offer up such astonishingly bad examples of exactly what I was complaining about thereby proving the very point I was making with such unbelievable clarity.

PMI loves me (and it seems many of you out there in project management land) not!


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2 Responses to “PMI loves me, it loves me not…”

  1. Julian Niemiec Says:

    Your experience mirrors mine in many, many different, so-called “Professional Organisations” so much so that I have left most (I’m a military veteran and it is the same with them as well).

    In my view, we have more and more Highly Qualified People with strings of letters after their name, but these are the same people that are less and less, truly “Professional”.

    I now keep my certificates in a box gathering dust as 90% are worthless. I judge people by their Actions regardless of pieces of paper.


  2. PMI, being in love means never having to say you are sorry | The Lazy Project Manager's Blog Says:

    […] PMI Loves me, it loves me not The Lazy PM Blog 30th March 2015 […]

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