Is your project Ticketyboo?

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One of my favourite words to update anyone on a project status is ‘ticketyboo’.

Use it and I will guarantee that you will stop them in their tracks and most likely start a conversation that will be entertaining and enjoyable.

But what does it mean?

Well there are a number of theories regarding the origin of the expression but in general terms is ‘all in order, satisfactory, as it should be’ or ‘Everything is going fine and things are proceeding smoothly or quickly’.

It first appeared in the early 1920s and was in general use by the 1940s. It is still used in the UK by people of ‘a certain age’ apparently and has become rather old fashioned (well that puts me in place doesn’t it).

There is one theory that it is a relic of the British Colonial presence in India and it may have originated in the British military with one of the most accepted and common theories connects it to the Hindi expression ‘Tikai babu’ or ‘Tickee babu’ meaning ‘Everything’s alright, sir’.

It could also be the combination of the phrase (favoured by toffs) of ‘that’s the ticket’ with the childish phrase of ‘peek-a-boo’.

There are others who believe that the expression may have originated in Scotland, where it’s the title of a popular children’s song. In fact a song called ‘Everything Is Tickety-Boo’ was recorded by Danny Kaye[1] way back in 1958 as part of the film ‘Merry Andrew’.

I have also been told that this expression is heard more often in Canada these days, but I can’t confirm this at all except that as the term was popular in the RAF, and there were many Canadians working with the RAF during the war then the adoption of the term would make sense.

Regardless of origin and regardless of historical meaning I still maintain that it is one great word to sum up your project (hopefully) and one brilliant word to get people talking to you, and talking about the project as well.

And so I give you ‘ticketyboo’ – use it today, why not?

You will find yourself totally ‘ticketyboo’.

Want more fun?

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[1]Feel free to look this up on YouTube and have fun learning the lyrics at your next project team meeting.

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