Peter Taylor Services – Project Management

Check out my new flyers for all of the services I offer:

Peter Taylor At your service

Stand Up PM Comedy

Successful PMOs

Project Sponsorship

The Lazy Project Manager

The Project from Hell

As you can see I offer workshops such as The Lazy Project Manager, The Project from Hell, Leading Successful PMOs, and Strategies for Project Sponsorship – or custom workshops can also be commissioned.

I deliver presentations and keynotes based on all my books, as well as the popular ‘Presentation on Presentation’ – where you can learn better presentational skills through a real presentation – as well as the unique ‘PM Comedy Stand-up’ experience.

I consult in PMO development and leadership, executive Sponsorship, Methodology development and PM skills, as well as project Retrospectives.

For an alternative approach to your project needs just call me or drop me an email I will get right back to you.

And my books are available here:



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