How to Deal with a Difficult Sponsor

In my travels I am always on the lookout for new sources of information that would help you address your project challenges and I believe I’ve found one that will interest to you.  Many of you have let me know that dealing with difficult sponsors poses a significant challenge for you (one of the reasons, in fact, that I wrote my book).

To give you some immediate ways to help you with your problem sponsor, I’d like to introduce you to Kimberlee Williams. She is a change management expert and has just put out a complimentary webinar called ‘Sponsor Influence Strategies- Masterclass’  where she goes into detail about how to address the Top 5 Most Difficult Sponsor Issues:

  • Unapproachable or Lack of Access
  • Doesn’t ‘Get IT’
  • Not Playing The Role
  • Not Listening or Acting on Advice
  • I’m Just a ‘Pair of Hands’/Working at Tactical Level

The course comes with several downloads including a very useful framework that will help you transform your role with your sponsor from ‘hands-on’ to ‘strategic advisor’, action guide, and others. In addition, you are going to receive exclusive access to a free 3-part video series (1.5 hours) that dives into the other six project ‘people elements’ you must manage in order to be successful.  You can watch the videos yourself and are also welcome to share them with others on your team.

You ‘ll learn more about Kimberlee in the webinar, of course, but suffice to say for now that she led the global change management program for one of the largest, most respected pharmaceutical companies in the world (is a former PMO leader and BlackBelt) and is now sharing her knowledge about dealing with difficult sponsors directly through this webinar.

There are several times offered to help fit this into your schedule, so I do hope you will attend.  Again, it is no cost to you and you can register Sponsor Influence Strategies


PS- Spoiler alert! I can tell you, some of the strategies will absolutely surprise you, as they will guide you to think more strategically about your role and how to position yourself to finally get what you want from your sponsor  – check it out today at Sponsor Influence Strategies


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