Host of the IPMA World Congress 2013 – Peter Taylor

Welcome to the 27th IPMA World Congress 2013

The project management event of the year!

In parallel 2nd ICEC & IPMA Global Congress

Under patronage of Government of the Republic of Croatia

Our world is a world of projects, because there is no human activity without projects.  Projects change our world; they transform our visions into reality and create a future fitting both for man and the community. Projects are not sufficient in themselves to realize our ideas and visions, we need successful projects, which are the result of competent project management.

A word from our Host

My name is Peter Taylor, also known as ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, and I am always keen to make sure people ‘work smarter and not harder’, and that is why I don’t think you should attend the IPMA World Congress in Croatia in September 2013. Don’t get me wrong; I think you should definitely be at the World Congress.

But not just ‘attend’ instead really be involved in finding balance and moving forward. I want you engaged in the topics being presented, I want you networking and arguing, agreeing and challenging, sharing your experiences and learning from others.

The really ‘smart’ attendee will walk away from this event with a huge amount of value and an increased community of support to help them in the coming year.

I will see you in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 30th September 2013 – you know it makes sense.

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