To Hell and Back in one Workshop

Happy New Year to you all from the Project from Hell team

Time is running out, only a few days to go before the 22nd January Project from hell workshop, so book now.

After successful workshops in the U.K. , USA, mainland Europe and Australia, The Book Authors Peter Taylor (aka The Lazy Project Manager) and Michael Finer (M.D. Dylanmae) will be back in London to host these workshops.

Analyse Project Failure, Achieve Project Success
Why learn about Project Success and failure factors in a dry, traditional manner when instead, you could participate in rescuing the “ProjectfromHell” in this exciting and engaging workshop, facilitated by highly experienced project trainers.

The workshop is a full day, team based highly interactive event providing real benefits to project professionals, senior management, and line of business personnel involved in project type activity such as campaigns and events, new product introduction, regulatory affairs.

Remember that if you have not already done so there is the free download from Amazon, or via of the ebook “The Lazy Project Manager and The Project from Hell”.

See for further information and to book an individual or team ticket. Please do it soon and take advantage of early bird pricing and special offers.

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