All new challenges welcome!

On a personal note I just wanted to share some news with you – as from 1st July I will be going independent and, naturally, wanted you all to know. This has been a long time coming and, with the backlog of successful books, the track record of popular presentations around the world, and the launching of my eLearning course through RMC (more about that in a future update) now is the time it feels to make the ‘jump’.

Beyond what you can find on my profile (see ) I would be very keen on any PMO coaching or project management development consultancy.

I am happy to travel the world and would love to hear from you if you feel that we can work together in any way in the coming months.

Thanks and ‘be lazy’





Peter is a dynamic and commercially astute professional who has achieved notable success in business.

His background is in project management and marketing across three major business areas over the last 28 years and with the last 8 years building and leading PMOs.

He is an accomplished communicator, a professional speaker, workshop trainer and PM/PMO consultant.

Peter is the author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, The Lazy Winner’ and The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell’ (Infinite Ideas), as well as ‘Leading Successful PMOs’ (Gower).

More information can be found at  and  and  – and through his free podcasts in iTunes.

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