The Lazy Project Manager and The Project from Hell – Free!

It has arrived! The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell is now in ‘stock’ on Amazon around the world.

Back in the comfy chair for more productive lazy wisdom and then off to the time machine to save the worst project in history – and all before tea time.

More information on the Project from Hell workshop can be found at

Download the book: The book will be free for a period of time as an eBook – just go to your local Amazon site today! Please get everyone that you know to download the book and help get a project management book to number 1 in the Amazon charts! You don’t even need a Kindle to do this – you can download to your PC. Hey, you (and your friends) don’t even need to read it if you really don’t want to – just download it – it is FREE after all – but I do hope you find it of some value – let me know.

Own the book: You can also purchase one of a (now) very limited number of signed printed copies of the book from Peter’s Lazy Shop at or even get a badge to wear ‘To Hell and Back in one Workshop’.

Workshop: If you are in the UK then you can also attend a workshop run by Dylanmae, my UK partners. This will be on June 28th in Central London – go to to find out more and book your place.

Website: Visit to learn much more about The Project from Hell – go today!

Reviews: Tell us what you think about the book through reviews on Amazon please – feedback is always great to receive and reviews help others when they think about getting the book.

Thank you for being a ‘lazy’ fan and supporting this new initiative.

‘Be lazy’ – Peter

PS: The book is right now free on Amazon UK, USA and France – we hope to get it free on Amazon Germany as soon as possible



Peter is a dynamic and commercially astute professional who has achieved notable success in business.

His background is in project management and marketing across three major business areas over the last 28 years and with the last 8 years building and leading PMOs.

He is an accomplished communicator, a professional speaker, workshop trainer and PM/PMO consultant.

Peter is the author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, The Lazy Winner’ and The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell’ (Infinite Ideas), as well as ‘Leading Successful PMOs’ (Gower).

More information can be found at  and  and  – and through his free podcasts in iTunes.

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