What makes a better Project Manager?

 Beyond the basics and beyond the theory what actually makes for a ‘better’ project manager?

What should a project manager focus on to become the best that they can be?

Is this about:

  • Problem solving capabilities?
  • Communication skills?
  • Being able to create a vision?
  • Enthusiasm?
  • Team building talents?
  • Being cool under pressure?
  • Discipline and control?
  • A love for all things ‘project based’?

Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above and perhaps something else?

There are supposedly 16.5 million project managers in the world, and by that it means someone associated with project activity in some form of leadership role. It certainly does not mean a certified project manager, less than 3 % of that number are certified trhough one of the world project organisations.

Andy Crowe, in ‘Alpha Project Managers’, states ‘Alpha project managers work in organisations that support project management… This is in sharp contrast to organisations where project managers are seen as an overhead or are considered a necessary evil.’ (By Alpha Andy refers to the top 2% or most successful project managers)

Peter Taylor, in ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, declares that an effective project manager should focus their efforts at the start of a project, a good foundation, and at the end of the project, for lessons learned.

So you have read the body of knowledge, you have passed your exam, you have the history of practical project experience and you are a ‘project manager’. What next?

What should a project manager focus on to become the best that they can be?

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