Be twice as productive and still leave the office early

The Lazy Project Manager:

Productive laziness is all about success but with far less effort

By advocating being a ‘lazy’ project manager I do not intend that we should all do absolutely nothing. I am not saying we should all sit around drinking coffee, reading the good book and engaging in idle gossip whilst watching the project hours go by and the non-delivered project milestones disappear over the horizon. That would obviously be plain stupid and would result in an extremely short career in project management, in fact probably a very short career full stop!

Lazy does not mean Stupid.

No I really mean that we should all adopt a more focused approach to project management and to exercise our efforts where it really matters, rather than rushing around like busy, busy bees involving ourselves in unimportant, non-critical activities that others can better address, or indeed that do not need addressing at all in some cases.
Welcome to the home of ‘Productive Laziness’.

In the book, The Lazy Project Manager, you can read more about what I mean about productive laziness and how you can apply these simple techniques and approaches in your own projects. The major project topics will be covered but from a ‘Productive Lazy’ point of view.

I am not, by nature, a lazy person but I do have many other things to do in life, beyond the projects and programs that I manage, and therefore I have learnt the manner in which to balance life, projects and work. What I am though, also by nature, is success orientated and therefore the balanced approach that I utilise has to also ensure that both my projects and my career are successful and that they leave me with sufficient time for home and family.

Lazy does not mean Unsuccessful.

I am a Lazy Project Manager. You can carry on as you are or you can join me in the comfy chair of life and still get the project results you and your sponsors demand.

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The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager



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